Friday, March 5, 2010

A Second Search For Food Donators

Our first stop today was the 'Daily Bagel' in the Cummings Center. The manager/owner was extremely interested in giving us food each night of the week, while the amount would not be large, she was still apt to help with whatever was left over. Most small buisnesses are run on such a tight budget, that almost nothing goes to waste each day.

We then drove to Manchester By The Sea to check out Crosby's Market. They were very nice, but already donate to a local food pantry every night of the week. In doing all of this searching and research for food sources, it's not uncommon nor disheartening to find a store that already donates instead of throwing everything away at the end of the night. Our job is to seek out the sources that have not already been tapped into, so that everyone is making sure nothing is going to waste that can be used.

Our last stop was at Coastal Greengrocer, in Ipswich. The owner David was immediatly and extremely interested in what we were doing. It's refreshing to find a business like this, where you are treated with a lot of respect for what you are doing. A fair amount of people shy away from donating food for many different reasons. David said we could pick up twice a week, and he would have close to 20 lof's of bread a week for us and vegetables as well.

We are documenting each step of the way and plan to serve a free meal to the public on Saturday, the 27th of March. We will also be putting a short film together about Food Not Bombs and how to sustain a chapter, specifically the Beverly Chapter...It will be completed and shown at Montserrat in keep checking the blog for details.

If you are interested in helping recover food or being part of cooking and serving a meal to the public, email us at:

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