Thursday, October 7, 2010


1st food not bombs went pretty well. There was a lot of help through out the day. We got a lot of great food and delicious peaches. They were so sweet and ripe. Jack Moffitt took some nice pictures of the food before it was prepared.

Last week there was the New York Trip, and it was raining, so stuff couldn't really get going.

I unfortunately can't keep up with doing Food Not Bombs Servings on Fridays, I have a Friday class, and I personally will admit that I bit off more than I can chew this semester.

SO there will be a food not bombs meeting Wednesday the 15th in the Student Lounge @ 8pm, For anyone interested in trying to keep the ball going with this Chapter. I will be able to help out with collecting food still of people are interested. This is a really great cause and I hope others can give what they can to make it work. If not next year there will be a CS200 class for people who want to do community service and make art work based off of it, and get CREDIT. Which is cool.

There is no Food Not Bombs this week because Coastal Grocers has no food for us this week. Which is a first. They are the biggest contributors each week.

So if anyone read this thank you for your interest.