Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8th 2010

Today was a very important day for this rescue and recovery program. We were able to recover food from Coastal Green Grocers today. They graciously donated between 10-15 loafs of three day old bread, a large box of fresh broccoli, a bunch of onions, and a few large potatoes. We picked it up around 2 o'clock in the after noon. He said we could come everyday if we needed to. Coastal Grocers in Ipswitch will be a major contributor for when we serve on the 27th, and all the Saturdays after that.

Around 6:30 we went to The River House right in Beverly and donated the bread, broccoli, onions, and potatoes. They were very happy with the donation. That was it for today, but it was a giant leap forward. We are also going to be putting fliers up at the school tomorrow say about our first serving date, and our first meeting. Which will hopefully be with the President of the school. The school's head of assistant dean of student services, Len, told us that the president, Mr.Immerman was extremely interesting in getting Montserrat more involved with the community. He put Food Not Bombs at the top of the list. Anything we need he can help us out with. FNB will also be a part of freshmen orientation next semester.

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